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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

One little tomato plant, three squash plants, a few eggplant seedlings, some kale .... that's pretty much all that made it through the last typhoon. I am not sure if these survivors will produce anything edible, as I planted them so late in the season. But who knows. I keep watering and watching.

We do have a bumper arugula crop growing in the window baskets. Maybe we can have a yummy autumnal salad this weekend. The seeds came from a UK company, so every time I pass these little leaves I get the urge to say: Rocket...RRRRocket. It makes me laugh.

I have already gone through the seed catalog to make my wish list for next year's "real" season. Flowers for hanging baskets, lettuce mixes, beans. Hopefully next summer will be more successful. At least we have learned to bring the plants in during typhoons. That's something, anyway.



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