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Monday, December 8, 2008

Backtack Received!

I am a lucky lady. My Backtack partner sent such lovely gifts! I am astounded at her creativity. The stuffed monkey above was her interpretation of Frankincense. In addition to being absolutely adorable in her pink and red tunic, little Miss Monkey jingles as Baby G totes her around the house (the sensory aspect).

Gold was an address book and a calendar, both with custom embroidered covers. The designs wrap around the front and back of each book.

I must admit, the address book is my most favorite item of all. If I *had* to pick a favorite, that is. The little houses with the pink roofs just kill me.

And for Myrrh, this lovely felt flower wreath, which now graces the top of our medicine chest. We did not have a wreath for Christmas. If I had chosen one, it would have been exactly like this.

But that wasn't all. She also included a set of custom beaded buttons, which are inspiring me to get sewing again. Perhaps I can make Miss G a holiday dress with these before we leave for our Christmas holiday. Maybe?

Thank you so very much Louise! I hope you like your items half as much as I like mine!



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