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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I just participated in a really fun exchange with one of the people I met though the Bib Swap. We both have toddler girls, so we swapped an outfit for our little ones. I (umm. I mean Gioia) received this beautiful little sundress. The fabric looks very vintage. I tried desperately to get a decent shot of the dress this morning before preschool, but cooperation was not high on her agenda. In addition to the dress, we also got an adorable little blouse adorned with pleats and a little bow in front.

The dress and blouse are size three, but the dress is only just a little bit big on my super tall baby girl. Last week, Chris had three separate people exclaim "My she has grown so much!" I wonder what gave it away? Perhaps the dresses that no longer cover her little diapered bottom? Whoops.

So three cheers for beautiful sundresses and tops that come in the mail from lovely people so far away!! As soon as my swap partner receives and opens her package, I will share pictures of what I sent...



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