Thursday, January 8, 2015


One day, my kids will say: "when we were young, school was only closed when it got to -30 degrees!" It takes a lot to close schools in this city. And they have been closed for the past two days now. It has been mighty cold. I am so very thankful for a warm house to bunker down in and food to fill our bellies. Even my husband decided that biking to work is too much for him, so he is going to ride with me to work tomorrow.

Even in the cold and snow, life must go on. All three kids had a doctor's appointment today, so I came home early, bundled them up and drove them to the clinic. It was a little crazy but everyone survived. Poor Lula is feeling crabby from her three shots. I think it is going to be a long night ahead.

After all three kids went down for the night, I prepped tomorrow's enchiladas. I started with this recipe, but substituted a lot: sauce from a bottle, leftover collard greens for spinach, Moroccan seasoning instead of cumin. It was a pantry cleansing dish. I am not sure how much of a hit they will be tomorrow with the kiddos due to the spicy sauce, but the filling sure was tasty.

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