Sunday, January 11, 2015

Home exchange hopes

I have been contemplating doing a home exchange this year. We love to travel, and we would rather our kids have great memories than more plastic toys. I signed up on an exchange website just to see how it works, and it may indeed work. No chickens are being counted just yet, but I got some really cool messages from people in far away places, like the UK, Spain and Thailand.

Which got me off my toosh a little bit. I created a profile but had to complete it with photos of our house. It was harder than it looked. I am out of practice with the camera, for one. Also, it is super dark here at this time of year with not much natural light.

It is hard to take pictures of your home in the hopes of enticing someone far away to swap with you. Keeping the room clean for long enough to snap a picture in a good light is near impossible with three kids. And you worry about all the problems: the improvement plans which have not yet been executed, the things that need to be fixed. You forget about the good things about your space amidst all of the worries about not being good enough. But truly, I think home exchange people are perhaps more adventurous and open minded than judgmental. Perhaps they see the good in my dark wintry home pictures and overlook the messes behind the door.

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