Monday, January 26, 2015

Lula's baptism dress - McCall's 4865

Lula was christened the Sunday after her Aunt's wedding, when she was one month old. All our family was in town, so it make sense to do two events at once. I actually worked on Lula's dress first, before the wedding party dresses, because I was worried that I would not get it done if I left it until last.

I used McCalls 4865 as the pattern. I liked the long skirt and the simple lines. The main fabric was an off-white silk taffeta that came from Mood in NYC. The skirt was underlined with a silk crepe, so I was able to do a completely invisible hem. It apparently is a wedding dress technique that I tried for the first time. It worked so well that I used the same technique on Gioia's flower girl dress. 

The lace overlay for the dress came from a vintage wedding dress that I scored at a neighborhood street fair last summer. I cut it apart and used the netting with beaded applique for the skirt with the silk taffeta. Basically, I just cut the same bodice and sleeve pieces twice - once from taffeta and once from the netting - and used them together as one. The skirt overlay is from the wedding dress skirt as well. I was very tickled by how well it turned out.  

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