Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday menu

Last year, I realized that evening meals were an unorganized disaster in our house. The kids eat before we get home, and the food has to be ready to go for them. No plan meant meals were stressful and not great. So I started planning all our weekly meals on Sundays. I try to find recipes that I can prep the night before or the nanny can make easily. It takes about 30 minutes a week to plan the menu and make a shopping list.

I pin the recipes to my weeknight meals pinterest page and then print out a menu that goes on the bulletin board each week. At a glance, the nanny knows what to prepare, the kids know what to expect, and I have an organized shopping list. On especially harried weeks (or lazy Sundays), I order everything from Peapod, which delivers the groceries to my door. I actually find I save money using Peapod because I am not tempted to pickup extraneous items at the grocery store as I walk the aisles.

Epiphany falls on a Tuesday this week, so I am going to try to make a King cake with a bean in it on Monday night. Sam has a ton of allergies, so the traditional almond galette is out. Hopefully, a lemon bundt cake is an acceptable alternative for this crowd.

January 4 - 10 menu


Bacon and brussel sprout spaghetti carbonara


Sausage, potato and collards soup


Meatballs, curried cranberry couscous pilaf


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