Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Upcycled swetashirt

I have never been able to get it together for a kid's clothes week. Which is kind of funny because I pretty much only make kids clothes. During the last KCW, I at least was able to cut out the pattern pieces for this little sweatshirt for Lula. KCW had an upcycling theme, so I puled out a very old ratty sweatshirt from college and started disassembling it. The funny thing is: my husband and older daughter were horrified. Apparently that sweatshirt was part of the family. It was pretty well loved (read:holey and ratty). I cut around the unusable parts and had a lot of fabric to work with. The pattern is a basic baby sweatshirt from Ottobre that I got many years ago when I first started subscribing. The directions were in Finnish, but it was pretty simple to figure out. I still need to put some snaps on the shoulder, but I am pretty pleased. It was good practice for sewing with knits.

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